Keep a handkerchief handy. Sheer happiness may make you cry.

  • Easy

    Drag and drop. Auto save. It's software you already know how to use.

  • Instant collaboration

    You can see everyone's activity on the padlet instantly. Bye bye page reloads.

  • Multimedia

    Paste link to a youtube video? Check! Drag a word document from your computer? Check! Take a picture from your iPad camera? Check! A file in your drawer? Erm .. someday .. someday.

  • Privacy

    Keep your padlet private between friends. If you like them, give them permissions like the ability to change what you write. If you are the social kind, make a public padlet for the whole world to see.

  • Mobile

    Your phone, your tablet, your TV, your fridge - Padlet works on everything (Note: may not work on the fridge).

  • Layouts

    Like flexibility? Use the free form layout. Like organization? Use streams (and don't look at our office desks).

  • Fun

    Fun backgrounds. Happy colors. Gorgeous interface. Padlet is Internet's version of bubble wrap.

  • Embeddable

    Put the padlet on your blog or website. Make it more wonderful. Plugin for wordpress available. More coming soon.

  • Impressed?   Build a padlet

    Not impressed? Tell us what we can do to impress you.